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Cedar Shoals Accountability Program

By: Shed Wynn

Eric Solomon, former director at Catapult Alternative School and Defensive Coordinator for the Cedar Shoals football team, is director of CEDAR SHOALS ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM.

This program consists of 9th grade students who are struggling to stay out of trouble; as of today, the program has 8 students, all male, who will participate in the program until at least until Thanksgiving break. The program places disruptive students in a environment that will allow them to concentrate on social and behavioral skills while catching up on their academic work. We have a diverse group of young men who all have had several referrals and write ups ranging from skipping school to being a disruptive force in the school building. This is not the typical In School Suspension; it is not the typical alternative school either. We have combined both elements to create an environment conducive to learning self management, self discipline, and accountability for the choices they make which landed them in this program. Our program is geared to equip them with skills and tools they need to become a positive influence on the people around them: Each day has a theme; for example, on October 25th, the theme "LEARNING TO SAY NO!" was coupled with a video of hip-hop artist Kevin Gates speaking on respect during a visit with the Breakfast Club in 2015. We know this work will take patience and a ton of tough love but the end result will be worth every second of the push back. We actually welcome the push back in order to get the conversation started about the issues our young people face. Anyone interested in learning more about what we are working to accomplish can contact Henry Caudle, 9th grade Principal for Cedar Shoals. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Contact: Shed Wynn shedwynn2011@gmail.com or Henry Caudle caudleh@clarke.k12.ga.us

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